Monday, December 01, 2008

Altered states when drinking

Why is it that people change when they drink? Being in an altered state seems to make a person true feelings come out. It's truly baffling for me to bare witness to people under altered states. That is why I refrain from drinking although I have tasted wine and what not. I am at the other extreme of fearing that I will have an addiction,but my addiction is fear of drinking and losing Just another one of my phobias which I will get into more Until then I think I will pass on the altered states.


ThisJane said...

so so so true. I couldn't agree more, however I
am totally a culprit caught red handed. I enjoy a little buzz..but oddly bc of the same fears! having a couple beers is calming to me? letting go of those fears in
a way??? make sense?!

thatquirkygirl said...

There is nothing wrong with drinking,but I know the folks around me get crazy when they drink. Arguments go on and it just so a strain.