Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Twitter journaling game

So I have been participating in a journaling game created by @SensualStories on twitter for about 3 months now and I wanted to share my writings with you. Check them out under my twitter name @thatquirkygirl.

Go to SensualStories journal here. Enjoy!!!

Finding work and lost things found

I have been looking for work and hoping that I can find at place that has a good vibe. I know that work is work,but I want to at least like the place. I had an interview last week and unfortunately I did not get that job,but I have faith that I will find something. Keep on truckin' as Eddie Kendricks says right!? Anyway, besides that I have found my dvd of "The Secret" which I found miraculously on the day of my interview which was a trip. Then a few days ago I found my Van Hunt cd's!! I took that as a sign that things are turning around. Also, two of my tarot cards came up missing,but I found them. I have faith that things will turn out right for me.